Sunday, November 24, 2013

A day in Cambridgeshire

Visit to Cambridge was genuinely refreshing... the inside, the outside, the relation, the new, the old, the arrangements, everything provoked calmness, decency, order somehow. Stimulated romantic and vibrant culture throughout the city, the skyline dominated passerby's coscience somehow, or atleast i felt so that way. Especially seeing the bike culture everywhere (in the youth circle), keeping the city calm and green and somehow classy. THe bikes had become a crucial part of the city's ornamentation.
With a sophisticated culture in its own, little kiosk's and crazy flyers, street posters rebelling in harmony with the well ordered spaces. IT WAS IMMENSELY BEAUTIFUL AND POETIC!.. my heart started reciting countless words, as every step i took excited my imagination!
And then just as my phone's battery ran off, i realised a day wasn't just enough 

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