Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Vision, space and the vanishing point

To me art is a language that encompasses anything and everything. The vision and understanding of any piece of art work defers according to individual. Hence, the revolution of different art movements and the understanding of it keep changing accordingly.
Art in any form conveys a discipline, whether that is something ancient, abstract, futuristic or architectural. It defines space, dimension, colour, vision, perception and many more. It is the essence of living, the discipline that compliments and can structure any dimension, time, field or knowledge.
Stepping inside the Saatchi Gallery, it was one of these experiences where you just feel like analyzing something so deeply just to figure out numerous possibilities; one small subject, one small thought being shaped and produced in a real world, in three dimensions that could inspire passage of any fields.
The white massive space allowed ones thoughts to flow limitlessly, with little taste of surrealism, little of futurism and little of everything when the sculptures were displayed within. It wasn’t just the works on display but also the white walls that were intriguing to me because they conveyed ideas of vanishing points and the empty space. It seemed as though the works came out of the walls because they were placed in a way that you would not normally see in daily basis. Example :- The crashed cars 1 & 2 that were untitled by Dirk Skreber.
The work that I found the most fascinating was called “Waiting for the Signal” by Hanris Purnomo, 2008-2009. The work compromised of clones of babies, he had used mixed media technique and the dimension was varying. However, the way the babies were placed formed a heart like shape. They all had closed eyes with sound and meditating expression in their face. They were white with pointed swords below which was deeply thought provoking to me. It somehow appeared to be the philosophy of life. It reminded me of clean winter snowfall, snowflakes that were untamed, innocent, soft and white falling from the mysterious dense sky; beautiful and pure composing a harmonious symphony and playing it whilst it made its way to kiss the ground. It reminded me of the innocence, the goodness of everything that anything possesses before reaching the earth. When I looked at the swords partly hidden in the babies cloth, it brought me back to the real world, the harshness of living, yet the beauty that it possessed. The struggle to breathe and fit in, it started to dissemble the notes of the symphony, clashed them up, as the snowflakes got closer to the earth. The dynamics got higher to warn the immature beauty beforehand to get ready to struggle and understand that everything on earth is momentary and not forever. The flakes kiss the earth with its purest of beauty, in vain sacrifices it and blissfully melts.
The babies, similar to that are just innocent sleeping child, never knowing about the world being so wild. Hence, the sword they are equipped with is for realization that they are falling down to earth, where there not only exist simplicity but also compromises tears and pain, struggle and death. It is there so that they are protected and they learn to protect themselves, they learn through experiences, learn to have a vision that could see and understand mysteries that could understand not just the visually pleasing but also the efficiency of something. It is there to guide them from the evil, to build them up into stronger ongoing personas.
In this momentary world, with the vanishing point lying in the centre, you travel and appear nearby it, but you will never clearly know the beginning of it, nor will you ever realize the end; it’s ongoing, it’s undefined. Presumptions will always be there, and there will always be questions about ‘maybe’.
You will always have ‘maybe’ about the beginning and end of lives but when working as the extraction of the vanishing point where the visual world exists, you will always need the armour and the sword with you. The beyond is about infinity, there exist your imagination, there exist emptiness, there exist layers, there exist vision and the most fascinating thing is that they are shapeless but it is that what shapes our world, the materialistic concrete world.

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  1. An truly engaged and engaging response. your idea of the walls themselves invoking the infinite vanishing point is great though not one I'm certain all the artists there in had considered! It seems more and more that the medium (the white box) is the message and requires filling with artifacts. Well done!