Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Fragile Longing

Sometimes the law of day and night may prove to be wrong. The spell of seasons over time may not always provoke the circle of life. And sometimes the spring may forever be embraced and shower time with the supernatural ability to be evergreen. Then, the knowledge acquired through the aging of time, however great and ancient it may be yet may create a strong enigmatic sense of fear due to its paranormal perfection. This is when the seasons fail to give the way to Fall, the greed within a hungry heart longs to continuously stimulate life violating reality and underestimating the power of nature’s beauty. It is then that the soul and nature can not blend to reflect any bond of coexistence.
She seemed to appear like the softest of virgin snow, like an innocent angel’s soul untouched by any harshness and impurity. No one would ever know the bitter truth hidden within her following like her dark strong shadows. Neither would anyone know her fragile longing… The world would think of her as someone who wouldn’t have to dream about wishes as they had all been showered on her. But this wasn’t true, the inexperienced world knew very little…
She was beautiful but beautiful beyond the physical. Her beauty was highly magnetic, daring and breath taking. Anyone who saw her couldn’t resist taking their eyes off her; the thirst of wanting more of her would overgrow within them. To quench this thirst of desperation, they would fall into her trap from where it would be impossible to escape.
She would then use her prey to satisfy her own selfish hunger of blood, beauty and soul. She wouldn’t show mercy to anyone, men and women both had become her source of strength. She would often haunt for innocent women and murder their purity. She would suck their soul off and snatch their youthful beauty leaving the mortal bodies to decay with extreme struggle. It wasn’t something she chose to be, but it was the way she was and she had to do it for it was her religion, her ancestral pride and the secret behind her life that had survived through all the ages, yet managed to remain young and untamed by any grace or foe. Her sins would shower the beauty of freshness on her the voluptuous appearance she bore.
Nevertheless, she always had this sorrowful desire to escape from the world of the undead, from her own foul breath and from the sins she had to perform. She wanted to be like a normal girl with princess desires, with a heart that would beat with love for all those she cared about. She wanted to live and taste the flavours of ups and downs and experience the fruitful happiness which she could gain while struggling with desire of being perfect.  Tragically, she knew this would never come true.
It was a bright full moon night; the sky was richly embroidered with shiny stars that faintly generated beauty in the darkness of night, the presence of the luminous bodies all around made the night calm and peaceful.                                                                                              
Almost all the surroundings seemed distinct as it wasn’t really the darkest of nights. The light was pale blue due to the conflict of the dark with the glows from the twinkling stars and the wild, cold moon high above.
The cursed pond surrounded by the giant bushes and trees gleamed and glistened merrily as the moonlight sprinkled itself everywhere in that place. It looked majestically beautiful and heavenly but horrendous and horrifying at the same time. There was a strong sense of an evil spirit around. It wasn’t something that could be described with mere words.
The crispy path improvised a sorrowful rhythm as she walked on it humming a sweet melancholy of her own life. The cold wind slithered through the blue bushes and the night leaves hissed almost silently. There was a faint sound of waterfall faraway where the cloudy fumes arose puffing and smoking.
The hoots of owls with their sharp eyes widely open, the howling of the wolves, flapping of the wings and the rhythmic drumming of rain drops all came together as though they were calling and responding to one another giving birth to a tempting symphony that conflicted with the melodies of goodness and evil.
She lifted her voice and hurried up her pace as she came near the pond. Her eyes lit with crystal droplets and her black hair danced away from her as the tempest swiftly passed by her. She seemed to be in extreme somber. Her silky linen gown was wrapped loosely around her revealing her flawless but fragile nakedness. Her cheekbones looked sunken and her eyes lifeless.
She was in extreme need of prey to quench her thirst for reliving. She breathed heavily resting near the pond and with a heavy sigh of relief she stood quiet all at once.
There was another merciful humming coming closer towards her. However, it wasn’t the humming similar to hers. It didn’t provoke any agony but instead the joy of living, smelling the fresh air, being touched by the first rays of the sunlight, of innocence and of youthfulness.
She smirked weakly because she knew she could soon be filling herself up once more with her soul, the little girl’s soul for whom she eagerly waits.
The little girl came in her sight. She looked unmistakably stunning and blissful. Her rosy lips, chubby cheeks, shiny big green eyes and long black hair made her look perfect and reflected her innocence. She looked perfect even in that simple frock she had worn. Everything was quiet as she came closer towards the pond. There were fireflies guiding her as she walked; the undead dying lady couldn’t art to heave a sigh or utter a word. Her eyes couldn’t resist the continuous flow of tears that ran down to die in her lips.
There had been a miracle; it was the little girl who had cast the spell. For the first time the undead lady could feel the sweetness of her melancholy song, the pain of living without a life, the hungry heart in want of feelings.                                                                            
She could see herself in that little girl. There wasn’t any more of the desire to live the unwanted life again, her selfishness had frowned and her evilness drowned in the pond. She felt that her departed soul dwelled in that little girl.
She felt the chain of evil that had captured her innocence, allowing the devil to grow within her. She felt the absence of real happiness and her plastic smile lacked life.  She finally realized how desperate her soul was to escape from this unwanted misery, to escape from her own visible expression that collided in vain with her inner innocence; the pain was reflected vainly in her frowning image as she glanced into the pond. Only she could see it, staring her back solemnly.
She slowly allowed her pain to die in the grace of wisdom. She smiled with tears glistening in her eyes and breathed the freshness for the first and the final time. Her corpse melted and flowed into the cursed pond who seemed to be delighted exchanging glances with the howling moon. Her eyes shut forever to escape the duty of performing sins.
The little girl disappears with an uncanny smile.
The Princess of the Night falls forever that night but the cursed pond eagerly awaits the next full moon.

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