Monday, July 9, 2012


I have a dream, a selfess dream,
Shall I recite it now or keep it till the time is wise?
What if the tide of tomorrow fails to wake me?
What if all i Did gets washed away by the shore?
What if tonight is the only night for the stars to shine for me?
And what if my dream no more stays?
What if it vanishes and I can't find a word to catch it?
But if i awake myself into a reality where I am living the dream.
The selfless dream I had built up.
No words would have to hold me!
But what if it dies down the memory lane?
What if tomorrow never wakes me up and what If i never knew?
What if my dream remains silent forever?
Like no one's dream that lost its dream.
What if that selfless dream remains selfless forever
in a silent corner where the echoes of sound are never received?

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