Saturday, October 18, 2014

18th october 2014

This wind and these dancing. golden leaves;
this mesmerizing moon teasing the waves of this calm river;
as it flow - hitting on shores;
with the chilly wind it humms-
wild and ssslowww!
so peaceful- so pure;
just at a tiny distance- the found escape,
With faint noises of cities nearby,
A soothing nowhere land,
calming my soul as it cleanses my mind-
away from the weary day-
breathing simplicity-
The roaring river washes away my dismay.
i heal with nature as i blend in and wander.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

सुख शान्ति प्राप्तिकोलागि मठ् - मन्दिर गई, जतिसुकै परेवाका कुँजिएका पखेटाहरुलाई आफ्ना बन्द पन्जाबाट मुक्ति दिलाउ, मन्त्र जप, 
तर सो कार्य-कलाको गहिरो र्शेय बुझेन भने जति शुद्ध उच्चारण गरेनि मन्त्र चल्दैन,
जति परेवाहरुको हुल उडाएनि शान्ति मिल्दैन ;
चारैतिर भावनाका लहराहरु ,
प्रेरणाका श्रोतहरु,
सरल तर जादूले भरेको अभ्यासहरु,
आँखा खोलेर जति नियाल,
मन-मस्तिस्कले हेरेन भने,
खुल्ला आँखाका बन्धपनल् कहिले देख्दैन ।

momentary everything
everyone walks away one day...
moments remain as memories...
and those memories. bring bittersweet nostalgia ...
Heavily poured burden of letting souls grow to be a part of your own,
a poetry of dissonance,
of the morning dew's disappearance
as you recite to express the delivery the words can never make...

hawa ko begh sari,
pani uchlidai, bahakiye sari,
chyan ma jiwit tyo jiwan sari.


pijada ko panchi bhanda-
khulla akash ma rameko udan !
ali -ali khot ta ali- ali purnata;
inaiko misran ley kudiyeko unko sundarta;
swatantra usko atma,
harek paila usko sichya !
tehi ma dubera liyeko-
jiwan jagatko adharbhut gyan,
ramdai prakriti ko sangit ma,
jiwan ko nritya darsai,
uni udchin khulla hawama,
sara gagan ma shanti barshai |

22 sept 2014

as the sounds of footsteps quietly die
and the sun gets much lower,
and voices fade to thinner;
the "Death of Space" in that particularly cold interval,
where even a flick of a dried out leaf crunches loud,
The space awaits -
for the next rush hour to wear on.